“Unhook the stars and take them down…”

In 1996 I caught an interview with Marisa Tomei on her upcoming film, “Unhook the Stars.” She recited the stunning line from lyrics by American poet Langston Hughes. Occasionally over the years as the words have come to mind, I’ve envisioned those stars coming closer…being within reach…offering a life full of possibility and promise!

A year or two ago I reserved the domain “unhookthestars.com” after the encouragement of friends to begin a blog. It’s not been until recently that I did more digging into the story behind the poem and subsequent film, discovering the rest of the lyrics. Sadly, it’s titled “Lonely House”—expressing the character’s lament and distress with the unfortunate circumstances of life. The sadness of being surrounded by neighbors, yet feeling utterly isolated. He cries, “Unhook the stars and take them down.” I never pictured these words as expressing despair, shutting out the Light, and dropping dreams.

Yet I see this same heartbreak all around…

…in the eyes of so many of the women and parents I served through the ministry to singles at Fellowship Church

…in the stories of women and young girls making their way to arena events across the country, searching for some glimmer of hope.

…in the daily challenges faced living in a fallen world

My hope here is:

…to tilt the mirror so it reflects a different view of something perhaps we’ve looked at for years from the same vantage point. Maybe there’s another way to see.

…to focus the lens on what lies ahead. It can be full of hope and potential.

…to unhook the stars and let them down. So much is within our reach.

So, this blog begins. Plans are to fill pages with reflections of a life played full out—touching friends, family, fun, and faith. Six “F’s,” actually. And maybe more along the way. We’ll see. There’s much to uncover, explore, consider, and share.


As for me, I look for and find meaning in just about everything. Enjoy creating events, conversations and moments that will gather round those people I love for memories that will make a difference. Happy surrounding myself and my family with reminders everywhere of Grace, faith, beauty, and special times…like the shell wreath from our trip to Galveston or the ornament reminding of the 7th Annual Gingerbread Decorating Party. S’more fan. Mom of 2 active boys. Intentional. Relentless. Often harried. Seeking to slow life down. It goes by so fast.

Leslie Nunn Reed


At Nunn Communications, Inc., I’m a message champion–helping authors and organizations communicate their brands well.

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